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All in a Homeschool Day

Nov 11, 2019

You don't have to be afraid to add poetry to your homeschool! It can be fun and enjoyable for the whole family. Join Crystin Morris and me as we share what poetry looks like in our homeschools. This episode is full of practical tips about how you can add poetry and recitation to your homeschool in as little as five minutes a day!

What we talked about

  • Why you should include poetry and recitation in your homeschools, and how you can fit it into your school schedules without it being overwhelming.
  • Different options for implementing poetry, and why it's okay to break the rules.
  • What recitation is and is not, and how it is connected to poetry.
  • Our favorite resources for poetry and recitation, including how you can host a recitation night with minimal planning!

See the full show notes:

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