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All in a Homeschool Day

Nov 14, 2018

Are any of these sabotaging your homeschool?

  1. Being too busy.
  2. Doing what everyone else is doing.
  3. Trying to check off the boxes.
  4. Having too much stuff.
  5. Not focusing on habits and character.

Listen to the podcast as we take a look at each of these and how they might be affecting your homeschool.

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Oct 31, 2018

Have you felt like these readers?

I have too many ideas I would like to implement all at once and at some point I lose focus.

I love finding new ideas and inspirations, but I tend to change too much too soon and then it is too much work for me and I become stressed.

I want to do it all, but feel like we're barely...

Oct 17, 2018

As we strive to help our children assume responsibility for their education, there are six steps we can keep in mind to equip and encourage them on the journey.

  1. Start with conversations about why you learn.
  2. Set an example and be a lifelong learner.
  3. Set clear expectations and ensure your child understands them.
  4. Provide...

Oct 3, 2018

My mother-in-law, Sherry Cantrell, is back on the podcast today sharing her perspective on homeschooling. This episode is a refreshing reminder that you won't always see the results of your efforts right away, but hang in there because what you are doing is worth it and beneficial.

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Sep 19, 2018

A very special guest joined me on the podcast for this episode—my mother-in-law Sherry Cantrell. We talked about how you can be involved in your grandchild's homeschool education, even if you live out-of-state, and ways you can support your homeschooling children and grandchildren. This episode will be refreshing for...